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Jodhpur Hotels : Joy In The Sun City!
15.04.2014 10:11

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Jodhpur is the second largest desert city in Rajasthan. Known as “The Sun City” it was founded by Rao Jodha. It is divided into two parts - the old city and the new city. A 10 km long wall with eight gates separates the old city.  Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination as it has many forts and beautiful palaces. People here are hospitable and wear multihued costumes. The women love to wear jewellery and the men their colourful turbans. Jodhpur Hotels brightens your holiday and provides you a royal stay.  


Indiana Palace Jodhpur, a 5 star hotel is packed with luxury and the old world charm. This old palatial property meets the needs of people from various walks of life. The architecture and interiors entice one to have a royal wedding or a fairytale one. They have a multi cuisine restaurant, bar, pub and a coffee shop. Plush rooms and special consideration for the physically challenged is undertaken. Jodhpur Hotels allow you to relax in this beautiful city.


Jodhpur has many royal mansions and one of them is the house of Kuchaman Thakur which is opened to travellers. It is situated at the Metri gate, 1 km from the railway station and 4 kms from the airport. The Marwari hospitality, a feel of the bygone glory, homely cuisine and leisure is a unique experience. Jodhpur is all about folk dance, folk music, tie and dye textiles, leather footwear, handicrafts, antiques, carpets, puppets, silver jewellery and much more. A feast for the eyes and a hole in your pocket! Forts, Temples and Palaces are the grandeur of Jodhpur city.


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